Meet the State Convention President

For over 20 years, Dr. T. La Mont Holder has made it his mission to equip, encourage and empower the people of God to cultivate their spiritual gifts and talents by devdeloping and building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. His vision for God’s people is clear: “Fulfilling the Great Commission by Ministering to the Misery of the Masses with the Mercy of the Master." It is Dr. Holder's drive to sharing the love of God with every person through Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, Ministry and Worship. His passion for all people is demonstrated through his open-door policy and willingness to meet people where they are in their life journey without preconceived ideas about them. It has been Pastor Holder’s ministry passion and pursuit to pull the best of us out of the worst of us through preaching and teaching God’s word and sharing the unconditional love of God with everyone he encounters.

Dr. Holder is a native of Quincy, Illinois. Dr. Holder graduated Summa Cum Laude from Central Christian College in McPherson, Kansas with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ministry-Organizational Leadership. He continued his matriculation at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas graduating with a Master of Arts Degree in Christian Education-Business Ministry and in 2014 was conferred a Th.D., from Andersonville Theological Seminary.

Under the leadership of Dr. Holder, Calvary is continually striving to meet the needs of the Greater Wichita community. In addition to Dr. Holder's preaching and teaching responsibilities he serves as the President of the Missionary Baptist State Convention of Kansas. Dr. Holder is a member of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc., Board of Directors, the Missionary Baptist State Convention of Kansas, the Southwestern District Association of Kansas, an advisor to the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center. Dr. Holder has served as President of the State Congress of Christian Education, President of the NAACP-Jacksonville, Illinois Branch, President of the Interdenominational Ministerial League of Galesburg, Illinois, First Vice President of the Baptist Pastor's Fellowship of Springfield, Illinois and Vicinity, President of the Congress of Christian Education an auxiliary to Southwestern District Association, and former Vice President of Alpha Phi Alpha, Eta Beta Lambda Chapter in Wichita. Dr. Holder also serves on the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Department Civil Service Advisory Board.

In addition to his work with Calvary, Dr. Holder also founded and serves as the President of PACT- Progressive Alliance of Churches Together. Launched in 2014, PACT is a network of pastors, ministers and churches who work together to further God's kingdom through ecumenical cooperation and collaboration. PACT is a 501 c 3 and involves members from six congregations in the Wichita metropolitan area. Dr. Holder continues to be a champion for the cause of Christ through teaching, preaching and leading God's people to live out their faith unashamedly and unapologetically. Dr. Holder is a new leader for new times but guided by the same trusted and time tested Biblical principles of leaders past. His motto is "Although our practices change our principles are non-negotiable."

He is married to the former Cherrie Denise Jones, a native of Indianapolis, Indiana. They are the proud parents of three daughters, Aleighia Nichole, Arayia-Kristian Nichole and Alayia-Rose Graceann.

As Pastor of the Historic (1878) Calvary Baptist Church in Wichita, Kansas, he serves four generations of worshipers. Calvary is a vibrant, diverse and loving congregation which is experiencing significant growth spiritual growth by the move of the Spirit of God. In 2013 Dr. Holder led Calvary in the successful completion of an $800,000 renovation and expansion project (Sanctuary Renovation, new Administration Complex and new Restrooms addition). The Calvary church under the leadership of Dr. Holder encourages healthy ministries and outreach programs that reflect the holistic ministry of Jesus Christ aimed at informing, inspiring and empowering those who have been marginalized by society. Calvary is passionate about reaching persons from all walks of life.


Rev. Dr. T. La Mont Holder, Convention President
Address:2653 N. Hillside St,
 Wichita, KS 67226