A New Pathway Forward, the Same Principles Guiding Us

The Vision of MBSCK : The VISION of MBSCK will be to foster an atmosphere of Values, Integrity, Structure, Inclusiveness, Ownership & Nurturing through Discipleship and connectional investment for the purpose of kingdom building. 

The Mission of MBSCK: The MISSION of MBSCK is to be a caring community of Churches where lives are changed through Knowing Christ, Growing in Christ and Going with Christ to impact others for Christ.
Accomplishing the Vision/Mission: The VISION/MISSION will be accomplished through (Reigniting our Worship Experience, Renewing our Passion for Engagement, Reinvesting in Christian Education, Reclaiming our Commitment to connectional work, Reframing our Story as BAPTIST through Communication, Restructuring our Financial Agenda and Recommitting our lives to living out the great Commandment of Christ). 

Working as a dynamic whole, the MBSCK’s unique assets are greater then the sum of its parts. The MBSCK is a crossroads for the spiritual growth, fellowship and Christian education of many National Baptist in the State of Kansas. We are a collection of diverse Baptist churches rich in faith, fellowship and family. These enviable hallmarks are standards that make us unique, set us apart and offer a foundation for growth personally, spiritually and connectionally.