The Congress of Christian Education Officers

 Rev. T. D. Hicks, Congress President
Rev. Cedric L. Rowan, First Vice-President
Rev. Dr. Eric Malone, Second Vice-President
Rev. Daniel Freeman, Third Vice-President
Rev. George Proctor, Fourth Vice-President
Rev. Terrell Davis, Director of Christian Education
Sis. Brenda Isom, Dean
Rev. Charles Kennybrew, Rev. Dr. Grady Felder, Rev. Thomas Cobbs, Assistant Deans
Sis. Joy Carroll, Registrar
Sis. Angela Thomas, Corresponding Secretary
Sis. Annette Gaitan, Recording Secretary
Sis. Juanita Roper, Treasurer
Rev. Dr. George DeBose, Director of Music/Instrumentalist
Sis. Vickie Wilson, Adminstrative Assistant


The Indpendent Baptist Church 
601 Pottawatomie
 Leavenworth, Kansas

For the Congress Session Certified Courses

Course #1006- How to Accurately Interpret the Bible (Rev. Dr. R.L. Baynham)

Course #1043-The Messianic Prophecies (Rev. Dr. George DeBose)

Course #7026-The Impact of the Hip Hop Culture on Christainity (Rev. Bill Nicholson)